Taking It Easy

Yesterday was very low key. After lunch I saw 7 dolphins swimming and then they all lined up and started riding the waves together! One started doing some back flips out of the waves! I enjoyed the sauna after my last afternoon juice and finally closed my eyes at 10pm. I welcome 3pm because I get a two hour break from my juices.

Today I woke up really tired, in part because I didn’t sleep well and the other is from starting my monthly today.When I walked onto the balcony there was a thick fog and it never fully lifted today. As the sun is beginning to set it’s starting to thicken again. I really enjoyed watching the sunrise, love this picture. The clouds kept moving and transforming as the sun was rising, it was beautiful.


Sorry boys, this part is for the ladies. I accidentally got the wrong pads! They are so freaking long it’s like wearing a diaper. It’s totally ridiculous. All I saw was “regular, thin, wings”. I clearly didn’t see the part that said “overnight”. The guy that does all the shopping here had to grocery shop today so he tried to find me the pads I want, but didn’t so I am stuck with feeling like I am wearing a diaper for 5 lovely days.

Eleana kept telling me today that I needed to take a nap. I bet I yawned at least a dozen times while watching her cook for us today. I told her I feel like a kid, that I want to stay up because I might miss something! So if I was napping this afternoon I would of missed the dolphins swimming out there again today! But I do need to give in and listen to my body, I am really tired.

Laura went shopping for organic tomatoes since they were out and came back with a variety of goodies. I will share as they are used in our dishes. Today we were able to enjoy Nopales!


Eleana chopped and boiled the nopales, then made a salad with onion, tomatoes, garlic, parsley, cilantro, thyme, and roasted bell pepper. It was delicious, so she hid the left overs in the fridge for me so I can eat the rest later tonight! There are several health benefits of enjoying this cactus: http://healthbenefitsofeating.com/herbs/10-health-benefits-nopales/

She made an orange garlic salad dressing. So quick and easy to make and is so good! A couple oranges, garlic, sucanat, dill, ACV, scallions, cilantro, flax oil. Voila!

IMG_1277She dressed up the fruit salad by slowly simmering orange and lemon juice with a sprinkle of sucunat, raisins and goji’s and poured that over mango, kiwi, cherries, pears, and clementines. Laura promised last week she would make her tomato sauce again, I’m completely addicted. I’m glad I was able to watch her make it this time, blistering tomatoes, onion, garlic, bell peppers and lightly toasting oatmeal before blending it all together, adding a touch of flax oil at the end. We topped the potato and onion pie with the sauce. All in all a fabulous lunch! Tomorrow for Valentine’s she is going to make a cherry pie for us! I still can’t get over the amount of food I’m eating, and it’s all sooooo good! I’m thankful for how hard Laura and Eleana work at making our meals. Both of them are very creative and put so much heart behind cooking for us.


My box came today that Nathan sent with a specific supplement Dr. Vickers wants me to take that will rid my body of excess estrogen. We ordered it before we left and it finally arrived last week at home! I was surprised by a Valentine’s card from my parents and a card from our church family. I wasn’t expecting either of those at all 🙂 Thank you, it really brightened my day.

Drinking my last greens juice of the day and looking forward to my last enema, and crawling in bed with the heating pad.




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